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Usually people awake from sleep to find themselves looking down at their bodies in bed. In some cases, people enter an apparent oobe directly from a lucid dream. Many of the pioneer astral travellers recommended this as a way of inducing the experience, as they all had experiences that seemed to be lucid dreams in addition to and in association with a strand of experience they assumed to involve the literal exteriorization of the spirit or mind.

Green found that subjects fell into two main groups: those who had just one involuntary experience in their lives, and those who were able to deliberately induce repeated oobes.

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Induction was usually performed when falling asleep or waking up. In an astral projection you may sometimes find yourself looking down on your body, usually from above or nearby. You may be in a duplicate of your body or simply be a point of awareness. The basic idea is that there are various levels of existence, with physical reality being the most basic. The next level is the etheric, which is intermediate between the physical and the third, astral level. In the Theosophical. Protection Charms Harness your energy force to guard against psychic attack Learn how to work with charms, symbols, chakras and talismans to create the energetic arsenal you need to align yourself with positive outcomes and ward off negativity and danger.

Professional palmist and astrologer Roz Levin was a counsellor in alternative therapies focusing on heath and encouraging the potential in each of her clients. Learn how the moon affects more than just the tides — it also impacts every living organism, our moods and our decision-making. Jane Struthers is a professional astrologer, as well as a writer, tarot reader, palmist and homeopath.

She has written 30 nonfiction books on a wide variety of topics that include astrology, tarot, and the British countryside. She is the weekly astrologer for Bella magazine, and regularly lectures on astrology and the tarot. To find your birth sign, or pinpoint the moon sign for any given date, just follow these three simple steps:.

The Quick-reference Planner on pages —73 lists the lunar phases giving you the dates of each quarter moon from —, to help you choose auspicious dates for future events such as moving into a new home pick a day when the moon is in Cancer , launching a new business find the moon in Capricorn , or choosing that special day for anything from planning a wedding to the best time to plant potatoes! But what if you want to look back in time, to find out where the moon was on the day you got married, for example, to see what influence this has had on your relationship? Or on the day you started that new job?

And what about your own moon sign the sign at the time of your birth? How might this have affected your vulnerabilities and susceptibilities? Every month, the moon zips through all twelve astrological signs, spending about two-and-a-quarter days in each one and returning to the same position in the zodiac on the same date every nineteen years. Find your year of birth or the year in question in the columns on the left, then read across to find the moon sign listed for the relevant month the chart lists the moon signs on the first day of each month.

But what sign was the moon in on that day? Find in Chart 1, then read across until you reach the column for the month of September. On the first day of that month, the moon was in Scorpio. Chart 2 shows that for the 15th day of the month, six signs must be added on from Scorpio. Now, locate Scorpio in Chart 3 and, moving clockwise around the wheel, count through six signs. Failure or success — it can all hang on the day you choose! Hold a sale at full moon and your products will fly out of the door. Postpone your promotion for one week and your campaign will bomb like a damp squib.

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Yes, there are auspicious days to apply for a new job, hold meetings, forge agreements and sign contracts. The moon can affect the money markets, budgets and investments. Launch your new business on the right day and its chances of prospering are enhanced. A holistic introduction to the core concepts of astrology, the book reveals the symbolic connections and mysterious relationships that underpin not just our connection to the stars, but also magic, herbalism and alchemy.

A regular contributor and horoscope columnist to both magazines and community forums, Lisa Mendes has also been published on the popular astrology website Skyscript and runs a successful astrology practice and blog. And yet, what we may not realize is that the biblical creation story actually originates from Mesopotamia, which also happens to be the birth place of astrology. Creation myths are central to any cosmology, creating a powerful foundation story upon which cultures can then build and flesh out their worldviews.

Many begin with binary relationships, including the division of light and dark, night and day, male and female, and of course, the most fundamental of them all, that of sky and earth. It has been used to represent a medieval cosmology: a flat earth bounded by a star-studded sky. The living room or sitting room is usually the place where family and friends gather, so you need to create an environment that is conducive to relaxation and conversation.

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If the living room leads directly on to the street or if several doors lead into the room, it can leave you feeling vulnerable. In contrast, a dark, confined living area creates oppressive conditions. Arrange your furniture to provide protection from the rush of energy that. The sofa is usually the item of furniture used most frequently; therefore it needs support from a wall or from another piece of furniture the same principle applies for armchairs. Try to organize lights so they enhance this; do not use bright fluorescent tubes or bulbs directly above your head, since they may cause headaches and nausea.

A fish pond or ornamental pool in a front garden is also said to attract good fortune from distant places.

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The gentle movement of water is life-giving and yang — this is seen in the flow of a river or the smooth swell of the sea — but when water is hit by violent storms or becomes stagnant it has strong yin qualities and can be destructive. This same principle applies to ponds, pools and aquariums.

Curves and Symmetry Circles and round structures are a sign of something that is complete as well as being an indication of satisfaction and happiness. If you are designing a garden, buying a house or choosing furniture, aim for curves and balance so that an overall symmetry is created. While it is not always.


Complete shapes also provide more positive readings than irregular designs. For example, a rectangular or square plot of land is preferable to one that has sides of different lengths, while a room with two bays is more balanced than one with one narrow extension. Sometimes a structure can accommodate unusual shapes or uneven sections if it creates an overall impression of balance and proportion and relates harmoniously to the landforms around it.

Rounded, symmetrical. These are believed to be the spirits of the deceased who have been buried without adequate funeral rites and continue to wander the earth. At New Year they are frightened off with firecrackers but at the Hungry Ghost festival, on the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month, their spirits are appeased with offerings, prayers and liturgies in the hope that they will be placated and respond benevolently.

They are also a useful indicator of someone entering a room in situations where your view of the door is obstructed. This part of the workbook takes you on a step-by-step journey through the rural landscape and into an urban environment, including readings for specific rooms in your home or workplace.

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Simply throw the three coins six times to create a hexagram. Each of the resulting 64 hexagrams can be read for platonic friendship, an existing partnership or a new romance.

Rosemary Burr is a therapist, healer and journalist who has been working with the I-Ching for over twenty years. After a career in finance and publishing she retrained as a therapist specializing in colour, breathwork and sound therapy.

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Imagine yourself as an emotional surfer riding the high waves and maintaining your balance as the wave decreases. Self-acceptance and forgiveness will help you remain balanced. Respect and value yourself; then the people you attract into your life will enhance your emotional well-being and physical vitality.

If necessary, seek independent counselling to help you boost your self-esteem and learn to release past disappointments. Make sure you use this time to build firm foundations that will survive the bad times as well as the good ones.